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The Art of Abundance

When we think about abundance, most of us think about money. Abundance is much more, it can refer to personal power, vitality, success and love. Abundance has to do with doing what is important for us, regardless of the amount of money we earn. Abundance implies success. Abundance implies the attitude with which we live our experiences and this, many times, determines the outcome of our actions.

Staying in that state of fullness and trust requires mastery, especially in times of economic recession and violence. If in your personal, family history or that of those around you there is lack or fear that it is missing, your own insecurities are detonated. Living in abundance is an art.
In this workshop we will work with the five Chinese elements so that you balance them and you can be abundant.

  • Fire.
    Your ability to love, to be passionate, to attract what you want, to laugh, to communicate and to connect with those around you.
  • Earth.
    Your personal security, roots, presence, the ability you have to nurture others and be nurtured, feel that you belong, the ease to adapt to transitions, manage change and situations with peace of mind by staying in your center. The relationship with the mother.
  • Metal.
    Your personal worth, feeling that you are respected, your spiritual connection, feeling of purity, the relationship with authority, your inspiration, your handling of money and charging well for your work. The relationship with the father.
  • Water.
    Your personal power, ambition, willpower, the ability to flow with ease and tranquility, use your energy wisely, set appropriate limits, transform your fears into value and be clear.
  • Wood.
    Your ability to make plans, discern, initiate things, create a vision, organize and move towards your goals with flexibility, expressing your potential, managing time and frustrations properly.

Saturday September 28 at 10AM Central time (Mexico City)


Saturday September 28 

  • 10 AM  México City Time

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Duration: 1.5hrs

*This webinar will be recorded and made available to you. If you cannot make it live or wish to re-watch it, you will have the recording. Please note that purchasing the webinar gives access to one person only. Please be aware that each purchase enables us to create more content at an accessible rate and supports the creation of our free content.

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