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Heal Your Family Lineage And Unravel It’s Gifts – Online Webinar

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Liberate the family patterns that hold you back and align to fully receive your family’s wisdom and life force. We are all born from a mother and a father, each with their own family history. In an ideal world we are all nurtured by our parents and thus become adults, able to go out into the world. The nurturing that comes from the parents to the child is not just food and resources, but life force and energetic patterns as well. If the energetic line between us and our family lineage is blocked, we cannot fully receive the life force we need to create and live a life of abundance. It may be that we have ourselves chosen to block this line with the hope that we may avoid negative family patterns.
During this webinar we will:
• Be guided through a powerful process to engage in deep foundational healing with our lineage.
• Open up the energetic pathways so that we are able to fully receive the life energy we need to thrive.
• Learn the tools and techniques to heal the negative family patterns we experience within ourselves and manifest in our lives.
• Healing your family lineage and take advantage of all the blessings that come from it.
• Create a ripple of change in your whole family lineage that affects generations to come.

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Duration: 1.5 hrs
Recorded Webinar
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