Therapeutic Sessions

A therapeutic session is a gift that nurtures your inner self.

There are individuals who struggle to resolve their problems, or they end minimizing the attention to them, hoping for them to disappear. Other people believe that to ask for help you must be in a bad situation.

Take a chance to change this situation around. Experience a positive change in attitude, happiness, positiveness and transform your current situation. Choose a new beginning and evolution phase where you would find yourself to be a happy and plentiful person.

With only one session we can convert your problems into opportunities.

What you would discover upon having a session is that we cut to the chase:

First we need to identify that you are ready to transform and receive all the benefits this method and the sessions have to offer you.

The second step will be to find out what you wish to achieve. If you don’t happen to know them, then together we can both identify what they are.

Understanding all of these subjects is essential to go deep and take advantage of the session. Then, the method will guide us reaching your subconscious, to discover the real cause of your problems, what you need to integrate and how to transform it.

Each session is unique and I can gratefully share that there’s always a positive and pleasant experience from each consultee. For the most part they have clarity to many of the problems and issues they have confronted and ignored. You would be able to examine and understand the blueprint of these issues. So we can now focus on making the necessary changes to overcome them.

However there are times where the patient/client may require more than one session to completely change their situation. The Magui Block Method is secure and as we progress with our sessions you start to discover how you are transforming with love and no crisis.

Some of the most addressed topics in our sessions are:

• Love Relationships
• Prosperity and Abundance
• Professional Growth
• Health and wellness physically and Emotionally
• Live with purpose and passion
• Confronting traumatic events from the past
• Addressing difficult decisions
• Spiritual growth


Each session can help you in those areas of your life where you are stuck and you wish to transform and grow.

How do the Magui Block sessions work ?

Your problems are caused by the unconscious beliefs you have. These beliefs arise from past experiences, unsatisfied needs, what you learned from authority figures during childhood, family patterns that you inherited and the judgments you made about yourself, others and life in general. These beliefs lead you to replicate similar experiences because that is what you know.


By reprogramming your beliefs, you transform your consciousness and you can manifest what you really want. The Magui Block method will help you reboot your mentality and change your perception, approach, and attitude.  You would experience that life has many new possibilities to offer to you, so you can now achieve the happiness you’ve been searching for.


Each Magui Block Session will help you identify the limits that are holding your growth, you will acknowledge them and you will release them, by now changing your positive beliefs, needs and wants to be correctly aligned to reach your highest potential, transforming your life with love and happiness.


Transform your life with the Magui Block Method

Interested in a therapy session, give us a call +52 777 313 7100

What types of sessions are there?

These are conducted directly and personally and can be for one person, a couple, family or private group. Each individual session last fifty minutes and if the session is with more than one person, is better to schedule extra time to include the participation of all the consultants. By increasing the level of consciousness positive changes can be experienced in multiple areas, reflecting in the improvement of the consultant’s life.
They work like private sessions and the changes are just as effective, the only difference is that the consultant communicates with the facilitator by phone or video service using a webcast program such as Skype, VSee or Zoom.
In this type of sessions, I represent the consultant and then I give him/her an audio with the summary of the session. To be able to do it, I need the full name of the consultant, his/her date of birth, his/her authorization to work on his/her behalf and the information of what he/she wants to solve.

This type of session is ideal for children because they can transform without knowing about difficult things for their age. I also recommend it when there is resistance to change, diseases, or any situation in which it is better for the consultant to carry out his/her transformation without knowing the details of it. The consultant can perform their daily activities while I do the session.

In a group session, we unite everyone’s intentions to transform the issue we are working on. There is no limit on the size of the group. The session is conduced depending on the objectives and the number of participants.


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