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My name is Magui Block and I am a trained psychotherapist with more than 25 years of experience helping people transform their lives with love. Through my method you will experience just how effortlessly it can be to transform your life and your mindset.

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Current Offerings


A session is an effective way to achieve a higher level of consciousness, you will identify what is holding you back, as we strive to overcome and transform this issue into opportunities. My goal is to help you become an abundant and thriving individual.


Certifications, professional seminars and personal growth workshops are my main live group offerings. Certification in my method provide a professional opportunity to conduct and develop your own practice, offering sessions in the Magui Block Method. There is a total of six seminars to learn for certification.


With the goal to provide tools and techniques to people around the world in an inexpensive way, we have developed online courses to impart these transformational techniques.


In the Magui Block Method

Professional Seminars with Magui Block

At the moment there are no scheduled seminars in English. Please contact us if you wish to be informed about our next seminar in english.


When we allow life force to flow freely into our life and being, we thrive. Anything that inhibits or withholds that flow creates conflict within us, and manifests itself in our outside world. Then we create uncomfortable circumstances for ourselves through unconscious actions and choices. When we release old pattern and belief systems that keep us stuck, we can transform both our inner and outer landscapes. Then we naturally, thrive.


Personal stories from clients and students

Listen to the experiences of those whose lives have been transfomed by the Magui Block Method.

Become a certified facilitator in the Magui Block© method.

Do you desire to make a powerful impact in others lives while creating a prosperous and gratifying career? 

Do you feel you feel the need to make changes that will take you to your next professional level? 

The Magui Block Method certification provides a complete framework of advanced psychotherapy techniques that allows facilitators to guide and help individuals transform their lives through love, creating outstanding results.

We offer two certified courses in which you will learn this powerful method and how to apply it.

“Having completed the certification courses in the Magui Block Method, I have experienced a profound transformation and healing. I feel ever more empowered and confident to share and guide others to transform their lives.”

Erica Tomas

“I have a new vision of life, understanding my family patterns and history. Today I am living my life more authentically without carrying my past and lineage. I feel integrated on this earth by understanding that we all form part of the same system.

Lula Cárdenas

 “My life has completely transformed in such a positive way, I can see it reflected in my work and health. Now I can look back and see how much I was going against myself by doing things that were hurting me instead of helping me.”

Adriana Iturbe González

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