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About me

Magui Block

My name is Magui Block and I am a trained psychotherapist with more than 25 years of experience helping people transform their lives with love.

I have made it my life’s work to help people transform their lives and create the abundance and happiness that is possible to all of us. It is my wish that you may be able to take all that serves you from my offerings. You may then see how easy it can be to transform through love and healing.

How I created a unique method

The Magui Block Method:

I believe it is possible to overcome challenging circumstances and to heal without pain. I believe it because I have seen it countless times by helping people transform their lives with an ease that surprises them. It is possible to change through love and with happiness, as we keep growing into the person we are meant to be. Understanding this principle has been the foundation on which the Magui Block method has been developed. By combining techniques and methods of psychotherapy I was able to craft a process of effective transformative change without the need to re-experience negative crisis moments.

Through the many years of giving sessions I developed 3 steps which I use to effectively transform any challenge:

The three steps in the Magui Block Method

How it works



What exactly is creating conflict? Many times the real source of this conflict is unconscious and thus needs help in releasing it. Become conscious of what causes the problem and acknowledge it.  


Identify what exactly is needed, which once integrated, dissolves the problem.


Transform! Although this seems the most difficult step, it is the simplest, one just needs the right technique to tackle each problem and each need.

More About Magui Block

After studying and developing a career in business administration, I realized that most of the problems I faced in organizations, actually originated with the way the individuals involved interacted. I began to see how the heaviness of both past and present issues affected them deeply, not allowing them to live their true potential. That is how my interest in understanding people and their dynamics in relationships emerged within me.

I decided to study psychotherapy at the Institute for Gestalt Therapy in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. During the following fifteen years, I completed multiple specialties in the field, such as: Person Centered Therapy, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Gestalt Work with Children and Adolescents, Working with Dreams, Biomnemic (corporal therapy), Working with Symptoms, Family Constellations, and Allergy Antidotes.

In addition, I trained in the specialty of Family Therapy and Rapid Eye Movement (EMDR) with teacher Judy Jones and in Eriksonian Hypnosis with master Stephen Adler of A.C.T. Institute. I also completed my training in Family Constellation Therapy at the Bert Hellinger Institute in Berlin.

In 1999 I became a Resonance Repatterning® practitioner and at the request of the founder, Chloe Faith Wordsworth, I created the seminars “Healing the Family” and “Healing the Systems” for the Institute.

For eight years I traveled to Spain, United States, Chile, South Africa, England, Canada and across Mexico to teach these seminars.

Because of the positive response and the impact in every individual that experienced my method, I decided to create the Magui Block® Method to share it with anyone who wanted to find the best version of themselves, and to help others transform their lives with love. I wrote new training manuals and I developed two diploma certifications registered in the S.E.P. (Secretary of Public Education in Morelos, Mexico) to train facilitators in my method.

Motivated to help more people, I began a YouTube channel so  that I could share my methods with a broader audience, helping them reach their greatest potential regardless of financial means. The success of my channel and the growth of its viewers requesting a book inspired me to create my first published book “Heal your Family” which is developed to help you transform with love as you read.

I value your time and all the feedback I receive from you, and for that same reason I’m always creating new material and transformational products and services, so you can heal and transform your life with love.

It is my sincerest wish to help you step into  your true potential and be part of your journey as you create the life you want.

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