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With my method you’ll discover how can you transform your life with love, happiness, and positivity, also impacting those who surround you with love.

I believe it’s possible to change your life around without enduring pain. Instead, we should do it with enjoyment and happiness as we keep growing in becoming the person we are meant to be. Understanding this principle was the foundation to craft the Magui Block Method. By combining techniques and methods of psychotherapy I am able to create effective, caring and smooth love transformations without any negative crisis.

I realized there was a pattern in the multiple questions I always received from numerous patients and their feedback. So I started to ask myself, What is the best way to help this person to achieve her/his goals and their happiness? This was the very foundation to creating a method that can provide love, and happiness. These are the three steps we work on:

Acknowledge what causes the problem, what binds, takes away joy, energy or well-being and that, being subconscious, the consultant cannot solve alone.
Identify what’s needed and once integrated, it dissolves the problem.
Transform! And although this seems the most difficult step, it is the simplest, you just have to choose the right technique for each problem and for each need.

The effectiveness of the  Magui Block Method comes from the work that’s targeted to your subconscious. We focus on gathering and understanding the positive and negative beliefs on your subconsciousness, switching that negative mindset to a positive mindset that will increase your level of consciousness.

As the method evolves you would start to see the transformations in your love, life and happiness. My certification courses, seminars, YouTube® videos and my latest book “Heal Your Family” will give you the necessary tools to learn and practice with more effectiveness the Magui Block Method.

The transformation begins with you!

About Me

I am Magui Block, psychotherapist with more than 25 years of experience helping people transform their lives with love and happiness.

After studying my Bachelor in Administration and working in that area, I realized that most of the problems I faced in the work force originated with the way all the individuals interacted. You could see how the heaviness of both past and present issues was affecting them, not letting them unleash their true potential. That is how the interest in understanding people and their dynamics in relationships emerged in me.

I studied psychotherapy at the Institute for Gestalt Therapy in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, and during the following fifteen years, I completed multiple specialties in the field such as: Person Centered Therapy, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Gestalt Work with Children and Adolescents, Working with Dreams, Biomnemic (corporal therapy), Working with Symptoms, Family Constellations, and Allergy Antidotes.

In addition, I trained in the specialty of Family Therapy and Rapid Eye Movement (EMDR) with teacher Judy Jones and in Eriksonian Hypnosis with master Stephen Adler of A.C.T. Institute.

I also completed my training as a Family Constellation Therapist at the Bert Hellinger Institute in Berlin. I became a Resonance Repatterning® practitioner in 1999 and at the request of its founder, Chloe Faith Wordsworth, I created the seminars “Healing the Family” and “Healing the Systems” for the Institute.

For eight years I traveled to Spain, United States, Chile, South Africa, England, Canada and across Mexico to teach these seminars.

Because of the positive response and the impact in every individual that experienced my method, I decided to create the Magui Block® Method to share it with anyone who wanted to find the best version of themselves, and to help others transform their lives with love. I wrote new training manuals and I did two diploma programs registered in the S.E.P. (Secretary of Public Education in Morelos, Mexico) to certify facilitators in my method.

Motivated to help more people, I started my YouTube® channel so I could share my methods to a broader audience, helping them reach their greatest potential. The success of my channel and the growth of viewers requesting a book inspired me to create my book “Heal your Family” which is developed to help you transform with love as you read.

I value your time and all the feedback I received from all you, and for that same reason I’m always creating new material and transformation products and services, so you can heal and transform with love faster.

I’m motivated to help you unleash your true potential!



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